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what does it mean if you break (or lose) your crystal?

First off, don’t panic! It’s not a curse. Crystals are a natural mineral and minerals break. They also get misplaced and lost. And luckily, there is no fault to give. It’s all part of life’s larger cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

So then, what does it energetically mean when you break or lose a crystal?

Time to move on...

The first and most obvious meaning of a broken or lost crystal is that it’s time to move on. It could be that you no longer need the energy from that particular crystal. Perhaps that Love you were searching for has been found. Or maybe you’ve cultivated enough patience and self-worth for the time being. 

Whatever it is, the crystal just may have served its purpose and now it’s time for you to journey ahead. Like phases of the moon, energies come and go. Sometimes, we need talismans to help call them into our lives; other times, we’re just fine and full up. It’s all part of the ebb and flow of life. The key is to pay attention—don’t hog energy. Let it flow through you when it’s time. 

Or come back to earth

The other meaning of a broken or lost crystal may be that you overcharged it, energetically speaking. Think about how you’ve been using the crystal and what purpose it has served for you. Were you obsessing and fretting and too intense about calling a certain energy into your life that you repelled it? Perhaps a broken crystal is a sign that you’re ungrounded and it’s a reminder to step back, find presence. 

Take this as a blessing, a guide post in your journey calling you back to earth. 

What to do with the broken pieces

If your crystal has broken off into smaller pieces, you can definitely keep working with it. You’ll want to cleanse the crystals of any negative energy they may have absorbed. Burn palo santo or another purifying herb of your choice. Just don’t use water! And then sit with the pieces for a moment. Meditate on the energy that’s being called from the incident. 

Maybe you’ll want to keep the pieces for yourself, either burying them somewhere with meaning like a potted plant, or you’ll want to pack the new pieces in different pockets for extra protection on the road. 

Maybe though you’ll find that it’s time to offer pieces of the crystal to someone else in need. Call these energetic gifts. 

Remember: Only you can know the larger significance at play when you break or lose a crystal and where that will lead you next. Listen to what your gut is telling you. 

Either way, don’t fret too much. Just sit with it for a moment and figure out what it all means. That is, afterall, the kind of presence you were seeking when you brought that crystal into your life in the first place. 



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