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Keep it Fresh

Do you ever request to go "freshen up" before getting down and dirty? And yet, this essentially washes away what helps stimulate and arouse your partner. Or, do you ever find yourself refusing oral simplicity because you are unsure how you´re supposed how to taste and smell?
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PRE-ORDER NOW - Shipping Valentines Day    theory: the relationship you have with yourself is the most deserving    Saddle-stitched coloring book printed on sustainable paper to reawaken the dor...

Coloring Pencils

crop tee

Ask The Pussy Crew  Made with ethically sourced 100% cotton, Ask the Crew art print by Kerry Langois.  Tees are ethically sourced by Little Yellow Bird, New Zealand. 100% organic cotton. Fair tra...

mint & bush pleasure spray

Shipping late February 2021 Stimulating pleasure spray for your intimate areas using all-natural ingredients. Zero nasty chemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. Made in New Zealand - Shake ...