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Like many good things, Theory of Her began as a happy accident in a land far away.

One sister mixes things to create an all natural way to enhance simulation (something that wouldn't irritate the skin or cause harm to the planet), the other becomes its number one customer.

What started as a journey of pleasure quickly grew into one of self love. Our mission is to help boost your confidence in your sexuality, body and relationships - especially the one with yourself!

Theory of Her has a home base in beautiful New Zealand. We take sustainability and local community to mind when creating all of our products.

But most importantly, we keep your dirty mind as our top priority. While we are restricted with how much we are allowed to say on this matter, let's just say you'll want to join us on the dark side. Find us inside The Pleasurey Facebook group or on Instagram @theoryof.her

Thanks again for coming to check us out. If you like what you see spread the love around!


Cat & Sarah

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