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Mint & Bush




What is Mint & Bush?


Mint & Bush is a 100% organic pleasure spray specially formulated to help women reach orgasmic bliss.

Working with natural aphrodisiacs, it increases arousal, promotes natural lubrication, and heightens sensation, making orgasms fuller, more intense, or easier to access.
It also helps reduce anxiety or inhibitions some may experience before sex or oral play with partners.


What ingredients are in Mint & Bush?


Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Lavender Flower Water, & Organic Preservatives (Aqua, Glycerin, Corn & Fennel)

How does Mint & Bush work?

Using the stimulating power of peppermint and a synergistic blend of lavender water, it works by awakening your erogenous zones.

How do I use Mint & Bush?

Gently shake the bottle to help activate the natural ingredients, then spray 2-3 times on the zone you'd like to activate.  Aways test before use to determine the perfect dose for you.

How many servings are in Mint & Bush?

Servings depend on the intensity of each dose. But with an average dose (2-3 sprays) each bottle holds about 30 servings. Or, as we'd like to say, 30 orgasms.

Can I use Mint & Bush with a lubricant?

Yes. Apply Mint & Bush first, let it start working it's magic, then apply your personal lubricant.

Can I use Mint & Bush with sex toys?

Absolutely. Our product is water based. Zero alcohols or sticky residues.

Is Mint & Bush safe for men?

Definitely. We made sure to also test Mint & Bush on more than a few men (and perineums) - and we guarantee the men will rave about it too!

Is Mint & Bush safe to consume orally?

Yes. Mint & Bush is made of quality organic ingredients, is food-grade safe, gluten & yucky preservatives free, and also just tastes minty-yum.

What is the pH of Mint & Bush?

Mint & Bush is formulated between a 4.8 - 5.0 pH. It's neutral nature makes it a great compliment to our vaginal pHs.

Have more questions about Mint & Bush?

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