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Guilt Free Orgasms

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  • All organic ingredients
  • Created by women, for women
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Recyclable packaging

Why organic matters


We believe that orgasms don't have to be complicated or icky. That's why Mint & Bush is an organic formula, using only the natural aphrodisiac properties of lavender flower water and mint essential oil. We don't add any sticky additives, synthetic perfumes, parabens, silicones, or emulsifiers. 



Why female-made matters


Mint & Bush was created by women, for women. We believe we know our bodies best. We believe that orgasms are a divine and daily right. We believe that we should celebrate products that compliment our natural pH and pheromones.   


How we reduce our footprint


We believe in keeping our orgasms as green as possible. That means we went the extra step to source packaging with our footprint in mind. We don't use matte paint on our bottles in order to help reduce chemical waste. And we deliver our bottles to your door in a biodegradable bag to help reduce packaging waste.


Please read labels and help us recycle accordingly!